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It’s essential that your email campaigns are relevant to your subscriber, otherwise they’re highly unlikely to click-through to your website or take any form of action. It’s important your campaign has a strategic message whilst being personal to each subscriber, which the content is going to play a huge role in conveying.
Here are some key content areas to consider before sending out any email campaign:

“From” name

This tends to be the first thing a subscriber will see in their inbox, so make it relevant! They will quickly make a judgement whether to open the email or not based on the sender. 68% of people say they base their decision to open an email on the From name, so make sure it matches their expectations. If a subscriber signs up to your company newsletter, they want to receive an email from the company, not Joe Bloggs who may be creating the email campaign. Such a small change can increase the open rate % substantially!

Subject line

Keep it short and to the point. The subject line is the second most prominent element in the inbox when it comes to driving opens. The subscriber wants to know what’s in it for them. Personalisation has the largest positive effect on open rates, using personal pronouns are also highly effective as it shows you are speaking directly to your subscriber. Make sure that your subject line is an accurate description of the content within your email, if the content isn’t related then your subscriber may not open another campaign from you.


This is a short summary text that follows on from the subject line, so it’s important they both work coherently. By using them both together the email can appeal to a wide number of recipients whilst still being personal.

Body content

You’ve got your subscriber to open your campaign, now it’s time to focus on click-through rates. The content doesn’t need to be comprehensive, it’s all about getting your subscribers to understand what you are offering and the benefits to them, which in turn will drive them to purchase or make an enquiry.

Call to actions

The call to action buttons in your campaign are the final steps into getting a subscriber to convert. Again the button should reinforce the benefit to the reader. Campaign Monitor A/B tested benefit-focused copy to generic copy and each time the benefit-focus had an increased click-through rate of 10%. Avoid using friction words such as apply or submit and use more words like get or learn.


As mentioned in our email marketing stats 2016 blog, studies show that marketers who are using personalization to make their emails more relevant are not only getting a 2.5x higher click-through rate, but are also generating 6x more sales from their campaigns. There are several ways in which you can make your email campaign personal from the subject heading to the content, speak to our email experts for tips.

Use of emojis

Brands using emojis in their subject lines have seen a 45% increase in their unique open rates. This is another way that brands can make an emotional connection with their customers. However please make sure it is relevant and would be received well by your target audience! You can use emojis without an emoji keyword with our handy copy & paste emoji resource!
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Sources – Campaign Monitor, Venture Beats

Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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