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The new Apple Watch, Amazon Kindle and even the Tesla Model S are just some of the latest bits of technology in which you can check your email inbox (If you’re reading this whilst driving a Tesla, maybe pull over and find an organic coffee shop to read this blog post).
Pioneering Tech companies are continuously developing devices in all shapes and sizes, LG recently released a roll-up flexible screen which suggests that 2017 might be another revolutionary year for innovative handheld devices. Responsive email templates and designs will make it possible to adjust and present the best possible format of your email to the end receiver on virtually any device or email platform. It’s therefore critically important to arm your business or marketing team with responsive email templates that have the potential to look brilliant across a range of devices.

you have one shot at engaging with an email receiver, don’t waste it.

We’ll receive a staggering amount of emails into our inbox each day and around 53% of these emails will be opened on a mobile device. Not only has the increase in mobile device usage rejuvenated email marketing campaigns, but it’s also strategically powerful to be able to personally deliver a marketing message straight to a user’s inbox who might be interested in your product or service. Email marketing is 40% more likely to acquire customers than Facebook & Twitter.
To harness the full power of email marketing, you need to be creative with your subject line and email content. You should also use this time to do something different. Don’t fall into the trap of sending the same old email template out time and time again. Rather than send out a generic template that lacks creative flair, use this time to engage the email receiver by using a personalised email and unique design that will really connect with a user and make them take action.

Generic Email Templates Vs Bespoke Email Design Templates

Generic responsive templates that are widely available look good, but these templates can restrict the creative scope for harnessing your true brand’s personality and conveying this to your email audience. It’s essential that an email captures the receiver’s attention in a matter of seconds. With a bespoke design that is bespoke to your business, you can convey your message in a unique manner that will make your business stand out within any market or industry. At Clicky we’ve created some fantastic email designs that have exceeded estimated open rates and click through rates.

Clicky Media’s Example

Just like all of our passionate clients at Clicky Media, we go the extra mile to understand your business’ culture and beliefs where we fully understand what makes your business different from the rest. We try and capture all these elements through email template design and work very closely with you to ensure we get the perfect balance between creative and important information within the email. Ultimately, the stronger the design and creative elements of an email, the higher the engagement rate and possible chances of Click Throughs.

The Secret to Making Email Campaigns a Success…

Call To Actions are immediately visible and often take shape in the form of actionable buttons built within the email design. A bespoke email design template will attempt to create attention, interest, desire and then an action in which the user can take. This action is often influenced by the use of ‘Call to Actions’ in which the email receiver automatically knows the next step to take if they’re interested in a product. Providing and displaying a clear and prominent Call To Action button instead of a basic URL link can increase conversion rates by 28%.
At Clicky, we can strategically build, manage, optimise and design your business’s email marketing campaigns, speak to one of our digital specialists at our Chester, London or Nottingham office to see how we could help you.
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Written by Dan Phoenix

Digital Consultant