Email marketing – data lists & subscribers

So you’re thinking of running an email campaign after reading how important email marketing is for your business?
Well, you need to hold your horses for the next 2 minutes…
There’s some simple, but very, VERY important factors to consider here before you even think about hitting the SEND button.

The importance of having your own customer data.

If you don’t already have an existing email database for your business, then you need to seriously consider how you’re going to successfully run email campaigns.
‘Organic’ data, or in more simple terms, data you have gathered honestly and ethically yourself through marketing efforts, is the best form of data for email marketing campaigns. Email addresses gathered by your business from current and prospective customers allows you to send highly relevant emails to a large audience who might just be interested in opening your email.
The key principle here is that the receiver already knows your business and is willing to receive information from you that might help them achieve their goals. Any industry can join the party here, but you need to make emails as relevant as possible – and for that, you need good quality data on your audience.

What happens if you don’t make emails incredibly relevant to your audience?

The following bad things can happen.

    • A user may unsubscribe from your list.
    • A user may delete the email without opening it.
    • A user might flag the email as spam.

These 3 factors can lead your email service provider to block you from sending any more emails due to negative feedback. This can have a detrimental effect on your brand by appearing ‘spammy’, whilst also causing an operational nightmare for email campaigns in the future.

Penalty / Anti-spam Laws

If you don’t address the above points, this can result in large penalties and even a £5,000 fine due to Anti-Spam regulations. The big factor here is that you can’t deliver emails to businesses or individuals without specific consent.

How do you build your own data?

There’s countless way to gather data, be strategic and creative with the way you collect this information. You could hold Corporate Events, Competitions, Newsletter Signs Ups, Contact Forms and even those old business cards you’ve gathered for the past 10 years. For a helping hand building a quality email subscriber list, try one of Clicky Media’s lead generation campaigns.

If you’d like to understand more about email marketing and how it could help your business, then contact one of our digital marketing specialists on 0800 222 9300.

Written by Dan Phoenix

Digital Consultant