The Emoji miscommunication problem

The awkward smiling face is one of the most used emojis but I bet you didn’t realise quite how different it looks on each device you send it to?!
The official Unicode name for it is “grinning face with smiling eyes”, but lots of platforms call it a “grimace” instead – and how the each icon appears on different devices is completely up to developers.
To help with this massive predicament Grouplens Lab at the University of Minnesota have complied data on how positively ‘grinning face with smiling eyes’ is actually viewed by different devices.
Have a look below…
So while you might send what you think is the happy grin on a Google Android emoji, your friend might get the much more awkward smile on their iPhone.
So before we all abandon words forever, lets get these tech companies to unify their emojis before we all get very confused.

Written by Shannon May