Empowering Adverts: Inspiring Social Change

Sexism, racism, homophobia, financial inequality – it’s still unfortunately part of our world. But some ad campaigns are so empowering that people actively search for them online rather than press ‘Skip Video’ on YouTube. They inspire social change and encourage us to take action.
Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools of this century so far – here are just a few of our favourite empowering adverts:
Coca-Cola Wish Booth

Thousands of South Asians have emigrated to Dubai for work and to send their earnings back home to their families. As a worldwide brand, Coca-Cola recognises not all its customers are living in relative comfort but they each have a dream or personal goal. The company set up the Wish Booth in Dubai and people revealed their hopes for the future. They ranged from ‘I wish my parents had their own business’  to ‘I wish my parents had a roof over their home.’ Coca-Cola made sure these wishes came true, turning its brand from a global business to global hero.
Always – #LikeAGirl

Always,the  personal feminine hygiene brand, challenged everyday sexism and championed girls’ confidence in its ad campaign #LikeAGirl. They asked adults to ‘run like a girl’ and ‘throw like a girl.’ Both the women and men interpreted this as acting weak. When Always asked a group of girls to do the same – they just carried out the actions as they would normally would. The advert then went on to tell us that ‘a girl’s confidence plummets during puberty.’ The campaign aimed to turn the phrase ‘like a girl’ from an insult into a compliment – an empowering message to females all over the world.
Dove – #SpeakBeautiful

Did you know? Throughout 2014 women posted over 5 million negative tweets about body image and beauty – some were aimed at celebrities and some were about themselves. Dove encouraged women to start posting more positive body image and beauty posts on social media and create a ‘domino effect’ of kindness. The incredible message urged everyone to compliment women on their humour, knowledge and talent, as opposed to judging them by their body image.
Lloyds Bank – For Your Next Step

Sometimes an empowering advert can be very subtle. Lloyds Bank’s campaign ‘For Your Next Step’ features a few snapshots of milestones in life from having a baby to organising a funeral. The bank’s core message is it’ll be there for its customers every time they face their ‘next step.’ One of those steps happens to be a man proposing to his boyfriend. This may not seem empowering at first glance, but the fact same sex marriage is acknowledged as a regular occurrence in life is an understated nod to equality. The billboard version and the website banner version of the ad featured the couple hugging and the words ‘He Said Yes.” This portrays Lloyds Bank as inclusive, fair and considerate.
Lean Cuisine – Weigh This

This ad moved both males and females alike – encouraging people to change their priorities from worrying about weighing themselves to placing more emphasis on unmeasurable achievements and personal accomplishments. This includes learning about different cultures, seeing the world, going back into studying, maintaining a happy marriage, being a single mum or getting over a divorce. The ad is revolutionary and empowering in that it’s transformed brand perception of diet products in general!
Tabor – Love Equals

We came up with our very own empowering campaign in the form of the Love Equals campaign for The Tabor Group. The idea was to celebrate the second anniversary of same sex marriage while supporting LGBT charity Stonewall and raising awareness that The Tabor Group cater for all couples. This strengthened Tabor’s brand perception and increased audience engagement on social media.
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Written by Shannon May