Ewan becomes a Google Specialist

As part of our Premier Google Partner status our marketing team are tasked with keeping their various Google qualifications up to date to ensure we continue to get great results for our clients.
There are 6 different Google exams covering Google Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Shopping Advertising all of which test our team to ensure we stay up-to-date.
Ewan is part of our marketing team who have doubled in size over the past 18 months and were recently shortlisted for Digital Team of the Year at the DEA’s. The team manage well over £2 million of Google advertising spend every 90 days on behalf of our clients (about £8 million annually).

'Ewan has recently completed every single exam and has as a result become an official Google Specialist - an award saved for just those individuals who can prove a vast breadth of knowledge across all of Google's advertising products. Great work Ewan!'

Oliver Yeates, CEO, Clicky Media

Written by Oli Yeates


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