Facebook Ads for Elegant Resorts

We’re really proud to be working with Elegant Resorts, in partnership with Visit California to successfully promote California across a variety of effective targeting methods relevant to the desired target market using Adwords GSPs and Facebook.
Elegant Resorts Blank
Offering only the finest holidays and first-class client service, Elegant Resorts is devoted to luxury travel and their Facebook ads truly showcase this.
Elegant Resorts has utilised Facebook’s new slide-show ads, which are perfect for Facebook users that are on a limited or 2G connection (which aren’t always able to show video). The slide-show ads use photo rather than video, this means they require less bandwidth and data to view.
This lightweight video advert can reach all Facebook users on almost any Internet connected mobile device. Equally, the slide-show adverts come minus the expense of video, while still delivering the impact and effectiveness you’d expect of a short video.
Elegant Mock Up
Do you want to trial slide-show ads in your campaigns? Get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 222 9300 to discuss how we can help.

Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager