Facebook Continuing to Improve Mobile Site Performance

Facebook announced on August 31st that they are introducing ‘prefetching’ to their mobile app, which essentially means that mobile content within the Facebook in-app browser would be pre-loaded before a link is even clicked.
According to Facebook, this can shorten mobile site load time by up to 29% (8.5 seconds). This will improve user experience and aim to decrease the risk of site abandonment, which slow load times contribute towards massively.
Facebook’s mission to continue to improve mobile site performance doesn’t stop there however, as they also announced that they’re looking to change their advert auction and delivery system to include website performance and a user’s network connection as factors. They said:

“In this way, we can better match adverts to the moments when people can best engage with content. Helping to ensure the best advert experiences on mobile is key to providing value for both people and businesses on Facebook”

Facebook have already implement a number of solutions to help businesses create mobile optimised experiences for their audiences, including canvas, an immersive advert format only available on mobile devices, and in-app browsing that opens a link within Facebook and therefore not navigating the user away from the Facebook app.

Image source: canvas.facebook.com

Image source: canvas.facebook.com

With mobile search and browsing continuously increasing across the globe, we think Facebook’s updates are definitely needed to improve user experience.

Written by Shannon May