Facebook copies Snapchat's 'Stories' Feature

Facebook have subtly duplicated Snapchat’s highly popular ‘Stories’ feature which has now been embedded within the Messenger App.
This allows Facebook users to update their ‘Messenger Day’ which then shares short video clips and image updates with their following or selected number of friends and family. You can also then add text overlays and emojis onto images or videos to really spice things up. Oh and we forgot to mention, the images and videos only last for 24 hours, sound familiar?
But why are the big social players now adopting similar ‘story’ like features across their platforms?
This adoption of this short, concise and visual based communication tool is creating a dynamic and new medium for personal social influencers and brands to directly communicate with audiences with short bursts of information.
Creating and distributing subtle marketing messages through Snapchat’s, Instagram’s, WhatsApp’s and Facebook’s ‘Stories’ feature can be used as a comprehensive brand building tool which can allow businesses to remind customers of their product or service offering through visual media. These messages are predominantly distributed to an audience who have already shown interest in a business which makes it highly likely to be of interest to the receiving audience.
Brand building and content strategies need to be aligned to your business’s audience, we may be able to help your business develop a strategy that fits in line with your wider goals and targets. Speak to one of our digital specialists to see what you could be doing better.

Written by Dan Phoenix

Digital Consultant