Facebook not just for teen & 20-somethings

It is widely believed that Facebook is a social network that is dominated by 15-25 year olds but recent research indicates fast growing usage in an older age range.

This is no more obvious than in the US, where Facebook’s average user age is continuing to increase. iStrategyLabs, an Analytics company examined demographic data from Facebook’s Social Ads platform and found that the largest growth areas in terms of age groups were those of 55 years and older and 35 to 54 year olds.

As shown in the table below, user numbers in the US for the considered ‘core’ age group has grown a mere 4.8% in comparison with a massive 513.7% growth for users over 55 years old.


Here in the UK a similar trend has occurred, although not to the same degree. UK Facebook user numbers are fairly evenly spread – the current core age group being 15-29year olds making up 40% of users (approx 7.5m). 41+ User figures are now at 17% (approx 3.2m)

Source: Mashable

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Written by Sam Gadsby


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