Facebook Product Updates

Facebook continually update their offerings to ensure both advertisers and users are benefitting from the platform. Here’s what they updated earlier this month:

  • 60 second Instagram videos

Facebook have now extended the length of Instagram videos to 60 seconds, which will allow advertisers to create longer videos, offering greater flexibility. Allowing businesses to be more creative with their content, they now have the resource to better portray their story visually using the popular photo sharing app.

  • 90 day campaigns available on reach and frequency

It’s now possible to book a reach and frequency campaign between 1 and 90 days in length on Facebook and Instagram. The ability to run campaigns that are longer than 30 days is important for brand initiatives.

  • Global launch of hourly breakdown reporting in Ads Manager and Power Editor

Releasing two new hourly breakdown reporting options, Facebook now allows you to see how your ads perform at different times of the day. These times are based on the ad account’s time zone or the ad viewer’s time zone. This new update will allow key metrics to be viewed by hourly breakdowns, which means the necessary adjustments can then be made to a campaign.
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Written by Shannon May