#filmfriday | What is Content Marketing?

For this week’s #filmfriday, we tried something a little different. Sit down and make yourself comfy as our Lead Content Strategist Dawn explains the importance of Content Marketing to you and Joby over a game of Fifa and a brew.
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#trianglecircleXsquare – what is content marketing? from Clicky Media on Vimeo.
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To accompany this video, Dawn has chosen her #clickytop5 content pieces from 2015:
1. Time: A Year in Space
Profiling NASA astronaut Scott Kelly’s journey to the International Space Station in 2015, this visually stunning website gives users an interactive experience as it presents Scott’s journey through several episodes. The videos are superb, and the navigation panel is effortless to use, which means user experience is at an all time high.
Visually say ‘the subject matter stirs the childlike spirit of exploration in all of us’, which we couldn’t agree with more.
2. Channel 4: Humans
Channel 4 created a fantastic multi channel digital campaign to promote their new drama Humans last year. This consisted of a microsite, Twitter and Facebook profiles, as well as a TV advert that promoted Persona Synthetics (the fictional company that sells synths in the show). Using digital to give users a seamless experience across the multiple platforms, Channel 4 were able to engage a range of users and immerse them in their fictional ‘synth’ world. Many users were stunned, and believed that this new range of robotics was real (that’s good marketing for you, eh), leading to several national publications and a trend across Twitter.
The first episode received over 6 million viewers, and the social profiles had more than 140,000 followers!
Humans large
3.Party Poker: Your Brain on Poker
This is one for all you science nerds. Your Brain on Poker is full of great illustrations that show how your brain is functioning based on your poker skill level, which could be: beginner, amateur or expert. Not only does it show you the geeky stuff, but is also has videos and tips so you can up your poker game.
4.Hewlett Packard: Bend the Rules
Hewlett Packard’s successful 2014 #bendtherules campaign was taken to another level last year as they utilised Vine, Twitter and TV. Interacting with consumers through sponsoring their content using ‘Vine stars’, they went all out with a big budget and engaging videos. Using influencers, HP were able to connect with the younger demographic they were wishing to target.
Rob Le Bras-Brown, HP’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, said, “The idea was to find creative people in social media, particularly ‘vine-ographers,’ give them the machine and invite them to be creative with it in six seconds”.

5. Zazzle: 10th Anniversary
To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Zazzle (a platform for makers and designers to sell custom products without personally producing them) decided to tell their story through a great text and image rich parallax website (produced by Visually). The statistics, company story and images of designs produced by Zazzle really does give us the feel of what working with them is like. Their values and culture transcend through the entire site.

Written by Shannon May