Flat 2.0

With responsive design now standard for many businesses, we have seen the trend for simple and clean designs across websites increasing. Characteristics of this often include: plenty of white space, large imagery, and simple typography, which allows users to easily access elements of the website regardless of device size or type.
What is Flat 2.0?
What was previously known as Flat Design has now evolved into “Flat 2.0”. It remains mostly flat as before, however, Flat 2.0 now incorporates strong imagery and video, and encompasses shading and texture. It essentially takes advantage of the most effective elements of each creative style.
Features of Flat 2.0
1. Long shadows and reflections are being used, helping to achieve depth and value to design elements.
2. Dynamic colour is used due to the lack of visual effects, especially bright hues of colour that give a page of few elements energy.
3. Simplistic typography gives a consistent emphasis on readability, and a sans serif font is usually chosen.
4. Ghost buttons are simple outlines of a button, which on hover can be filled with colour. The minimal distraction of ghost buttons suits flat design’s classic sparsity.
5. Minimalism and flat design go pretty much hand-in-hand, focusing on fewer but key elements, content and call to actions.
airbnbSome of our favourite flat design websites include:

Written by Hayley Sackett

Lead Digital Designer