Free Guide: Local Inventory Ads

Over 76% of us now shop online for products, but between 80 – 90% of retail sales are still made in-store. Top retailers are now using local inventory ads to drive footfall.
Brands such as Argos and Screwfix are using local inventory ads to boost customer visits to the store…and it’s working.
Local inventory ads show the customer the distance from their local store, opening hours, directions and up to date stock information. The customer then takes a trip to the store and purchases the product there and then.
Our free Local Inventory Ads guide is designed to teach you:

  • How LIAs work
  • Bidding options such as date and weather
  • How LIAs can increase footfall to your store
  • Different ways of displaying ad inventory
  • What you need to get started with LIAs
  • Interesting stats and facts

Available across all platforms and completely measurable, LIAs are a hugely worthwhile investment if your business has a ‘brick and mortar’ store.
Download your free Local Inventory Ads guide today and start growing your business.
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Written by Heather Maryniak