Freedome jump on board

We’re quite literally bouncing with excitement to announce that we have been chosen by Freedome to support their 2017 digital strategy.
Our partnership will span a number of interesting, innovative and goal-focused new projects and campaigns.
If you haven’t visited the flagship trampoline park located at Cheshire Oaks, you’ve been missing out. Freedome represents the next generation in active entertainment, delivering an all live-action, exhilarating, immersive and unforgettable experience for all ages.
Brought to you by the world’s leading Trampoline Park specialists, Freedome is Sky Zone’s first jump into Europe. The park features exclusive cutting-edge equipment, the innovative integration of digital technology and new, take-it-to-the-edge challenges, providing visitors with accidental exercise across a range of exciting, interesting and unique attractions and areas.
We will be working closely with the client to support their growth plans and to gain greater awareness amongst relevant audiences, showcasing the exceptional facilities, activities and all that the park offers, building upon the fantastic work completed to date.

Freedome is an exciting, innovative and forward thinking brand in the UK and we can’t wait to work with their enthusiastic and driven team, supporting their efforts in continuing to establish the business as the true market leader it is

Sam Gadsby, MD, Clicky Media
We look forward to sharing our results soon!

Written by Sam Gadsby


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