Furniture Retail v.s. Google PageSpeed

You might have spotted our blog post about site speed last month. In it, Oli talked about the importance of site speed when it comes to search rankings and delivering a great user experience, and shared the results of running the UK’s most visited websites through Google’s Page Speed Insights tool. The findings were surprising – while both Google and Amazon performed well on desktop, all of the top 5 sites had room for improvement on a mobile.

We all know how important mobile performance is to Google, as well as site speed, so we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the biggest brands in the UK to see how their websites measure up. This month, it’s furniture retailers. How do the top 5 sites measure up?


IKEA UK Homepage
First up was Ikea’s UK homepage. While the results weren’t disastrous (they certainly weren’t the worst performing of the bunch),  their desktop site got a score of 71/100, while their mobile site ranked as poor with just 51/100.

They’ve clearly made some efforts to reduce the load times, with CSS and HTML minified and the above-the-fold content well prioritised, but Google still had some recommendations.
IKEA page speed insights


DFS homepage
The DFS website shows signs of having been optimised for natural search, with well-thought out product categories (although the text-to-html ratio could likely be improved, but according to PageSpeed Insights there’s still some considerable work to do with regards to site speed.

They get points for quick server response, prioritising visible content and avoiding landing page redirects, but lengthy Javascript, HTML and CSS and a lack of compression bring their score back down. Some time with our ProSupport developers could sort that out!
DFS Site speed insights homepage
For a pureplay online-only retailer, site performance is paramount. have done a pretty good job on desktop, scoring a very respectable 85/100. The PageSpeed tool has some recommendations, mostly amount minimising code, caching and image optimisation, but all in all not a bad result.

This good performance hasn’t been replicated on mobile unfortunately, being ranked poor overall. While the optimisations found are the same for both platforms, there clearly needs to be more work done to bring the mobile display up to speed. PageSpeed insights

Oakfurnitureland homepage
The lowest performer out of those we tested, the Oak Furniture Land homepage ranked poor for both mobile and desktop. Images need to be optimised, resources compressed and code minimised. They’re yet to move across to a responsive site, so when their homepage loads on mobile the user is redirected to the mobile site, plus the tool flagged that the server response time could be improved. There’s a lot of work to do!
Oakfurnitureland PageSpeed insights

Dreams homepage
Once again, we can see that the homepage performs worse on mobile devices than it does on a desktop. It’s also the same old issues cropping up as we’ve seen in the previous four sites – although Dreams do score points for quick server response, no redirects and minified CSS and HTML code. Just compression, caching and Javascript to work on then!
Dreams PageSpeed insights

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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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