GA4, Google’s primary analytics platform for advertisers

Tuesday, August 8, 2023


Written by

Paid Media Assistant

After Universal Analytics was sunset at the start of July, GA4 became Google’s primary analytics platform for advertisers. We’ve continued to see a consistent flow of updates and new integrations being launched for GA4. One of the latest features is the option to incorporate third-party segments into Google Ads audiences using GA4. 

When Analytics properties are linked to Google Ads with Google signals activated and ad personalisation switched on, audiences are automatically imported into Ads Manager. 

From here you have three ways to utilise these audiences. You can create a remarketing campaign of users who have previously engaged with your site and you are looking to target them again. Alternatively, you can use this data for audience segmentation, these can be combined with different audiences to create a whole new audience to target. For instance, if we have a segment of users who have made over 10 purchases we can then combine that with a segment which has shown interest in leather shoes. Allowing you to hone in on high-purchasing users with a known interest in leather shoes only. Finally, you can add this data to a Performance Max campaign in order to improve performance, as this data will fuel the decisions made by the algorithm, therefore the more data it has the better decisions it can make. 

Google has also introduced Audience reports within GA4 which will allow us to see who the most engaged and profitable audiences are, as long as the audience has one user active within the specified period. 

If you're still facing challenges with GA4 and Google Ads, or if you have not yet transitioned from UA to GA4, please get in touch. We can audit your GA4 set-up and provide recommendations to ensure you have the best set-up for your business.