Georgia's first week at Clicky: An Exciting Journey in Performance Creative

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Joining Clicky Media as a performance creative has been an exciting experience. From meeting my talented team members to diving into client work, my first week at Clicky has been filled with new faces, learning opportunities, and creative tasks . In this blog, I'll take you through an overview of my memorable week...


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Performance Creative

Welcoming Start

On my first day, I had the pleasure of meeting various team members, including Jen and Claire from the People and Culture, who warmly introduced me to my role, provided me with equipment like a laptop, and familiarised me with my workspace. I also had the opportunity to meet my fellow team members, Danielle, Jorge, Shannon, Alex and others, as well as my manager, Rich, who made me feel welcome and supported from the start.

Agency Day Buzz

Tuesday was Agency Day, which brought together both in-house and remote workers. It was a busy day filled with introductions to new faces and a chance to learn about the roles within Clicky Media. I even had my headshot taken, which my mum later told me I look like I’m hosting "The Circle" LOL!

Creativity Takes Flight

Getting my hands on some client work was super exciting. I had the opportunity to create creative videos for one of our clients, Bloobloom who are a fashionable glasses brand. I loved the content already provided so the task felt like a great one to work with. Upon sharing my work with my colleague Alex, she was impressed (The relief), and to my delight, James (the Head of Growth), gave me a shout-out via Slack. It was an accomplishment that made the family group chat!📱 

A Productive Day

After receiving recognition for my work, I was then given a handful of new creative tasks for different brands. Balancing the learning curve of new software and aiming for timely delivery, I devoted my focus to the computer screen, fueled by cups of tea of course ☕️. 

Friday Feeling

My Friday was dedicated to working with Fay on Clicky marketing, a change to the rest of the week. Fay guided me through the ropes of B2B marketing, an area that I am new to but excited to explore. Evie, who was doing her work experience, surprised us all with  lovely donuts! Yum🍩. 

As I reflect on my first week at Clicky Media, I am feeling really happy! The warm welcome, opportunities, and supportive work environment have laid the foundation for an incredible journey ahead. I can't wait to dive deeper into my role as a performance creative and continue contributing to the growth and success of Clicky. Monday, here I come with renewed excitement!