Getting started with digital marketing – the key certifications

In August 2017, as a new graduate, I found myself entering the wide world of digital marketing here at Clicky. Armed with a degree in English Language and a pack of pastel highlighters, I was ready to throw myself into my new role as ProSupport Assistant.

I was eager to learn as much as possible about my new environment and career path; this was aided by completing several online training courses to provide myself with a strong foundation. Working cross-agency to manage accounts and communicate timings to other departments, these courses have allowed me to gain insight and appreciate the work my colleagues produce.

Google Digital Garage:

  • Google Digital Garage was the first course I completed when I started nearly 8 months ago. With 26 badges to earn, from ‘Plan your online business strategy’ to ‘Get started with analytics’, this course provides an overview of many digital marketing areas, from PPC & SEO to using social media to reach out your audience.
  • Format: accessible videos with short quizzes at the end of each section, preparing you for that final exam.
  • Great for: graduates who are interested in a career in digital marketing or to those entering a new career path – this course can help to hone your interest in specific areas.

AdWords Fundamentals:

  • This course, now housed within the Academy for Ads, provides information on various elements of paid advertising such as quality score and remarketing. Once you’ve passed this exam, the opportunity opens up to further explore search, display, video, mobile or shopping advertising, giving you the chance to become fully AdWords certified!
  • Format: easy-to-read, interactive content.
  • Great for: those who wish to gain an understanding of the different elements and tactical choices of PPC.

Google Analytics for Beginners:

  • Available within the Analytics Academy, this course provides teachings into key areas of Google Analytics that can help you learn about audiences, how they came across a website, how many of them converted on key goals and much more.
  • Format: video content, alongside short quizzes and interactive demos on Analytics.
  • Great for: kinesthetic learners – thanks to the interactive element of using Analytics to complete tasks during the course, you can get a feel for how to navigate Analytics for yourself through practical use.

Digital Sales Certification:

  • As I moved towards managing my own clients, the Digital Sales Certification (available within Academy for Ads) was useful to gain further insight into best practices for communication, building skills to utilise within meetings and phone calls.
  • Format: digestible, clear content with interactive elements such as listening to examples of meetings and determining the elements used within these.
  • Great for: those embarking upon a client-facing career path within the digital marketing industry – definitely one to undertake when forming a foundation to build upon.

For those at the start of their career in digital marketing or for those who wish to gain more insight into different areas, these courses make for constructive starting points to complement the learnings from your working environment.

If you’re interested in working at Clicky Media, get in touch as we’re recruiting for lots of exciting new positions, take a look at our careers page for the latest opportunities.

Written by Alice Rose