Glastonbury 2015 on Twitter

Starting off the summer in their usual epic style, Glastonbury is the biggest and arguably the most loved British music festival! As technology gets savvier and social media continues to grow and innovate year on year, the hype surrounding events such as Glastonbury only continues to increase.
We’ve rounded up our top 5 Glastonbury moments this year, and the reactions seen on Twitter.
1. For reasons I’m sure are obvious to most, there were mixed opinions about Kanye West headlining Glastonbury on the Saturday night. Twitter saw many comments surrounding the self proclaimed ‘greatest living rockstar on the planet’ and his eventful weekend in sunny Britain. Our favourite Kanye based Tweet however was this one, that joked about how the BBC’s subtitle department had given up during Kanye’s set.
2. Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, depending on how big of a Lionel Richie fan you are. Lionel drew the biggest crowd of the 2015 festival, with over 100,000 people grooving along to ‘dancing on the ceiling’, or singing their hearts out to ‘Hello’. He even had the festival’s security dancing along, which was a hot topic for many Tweeters!
3. He appears to be a prominent feature in this blog post, but we can’t help it, there were so many moments to choose from! In at number 3 is Kanye West being disturbed on stage by comedic character Lee Nelson. Lee posted a couple of witty Tweets following his stunt, wearing his Lee-Zus t-shirt, and dedicating his performance to Taylor Swift, as she was rudely interrupted by Kanye at the VMA’s in 2009. Kanye wasn’t best pleased to have to re-start his song after the disruption, but then again, when is he actually pleased?
4. The Foo Fighters were supposed to be headlining Glastonbury on the Friday, however after Dave Grohl broke his leg during a gig earlier in the month Florence & the Machine were given their headlining slot. There were many disappointed Foo Fighters fans, but the majority consensus was that Florence smashed it and she even covered the popular Foo Fighter’s song ‘Times Like This’, which she dedicated to Dave. Here’s what some Tweeters had to say on Florence’s performance:
“Everybody that has said that Florence and The Machine didn’t deserve to headline has been proved wrong. Killing it! #Glasto2015” – @maryschreech_
“Oh my Lord….Florence owned that headline spot. Inspiring inspiring stuff…wow #Glasto2015” – @ghostpoet
“Look, I love what the Foo Fighters do (see my earlier Tweets) but this is the epitome of Glastonbury. #florence” – garyjkemp
5. At number 5 is an image that went viral, however it turns out it wasn’t actually from Glastonbury #awkward. The image in question is the one below of a man crowdsurfing in a wheel chair. Twitter as usual went crazy, but it was quickly cleared up that this was taken a few years earlier during a festival in San Fransisco – it just goes to show, you can’t always believe the crazy trends that appear on Twitter.
Our videographer, Joby, went to Glastonbury to get the inside scoop on all of these stories – he can confirm that our reports are probably accurate…

Written by Shannon May