Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotions are the latest development in Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising lineup, allowing advertisers to place adverts in the inboxes of personal Gmail accounts.

They look a lot like existing Google Adwords ads, with a 25 character headline and 100 characters of body text, but GSPs also show a thumbnail image and your company name. Like Adwords, advertisers are charged on a cost per click basis, meaning they don’t get charged until someone chooses to interact with the ad.
Rather than linking straight to the advertisers website, clicking a GSP opens a larger advert. The cost per click is a one time only thing, so once the viewer has opened the larger advert there’s no extra cost.
One of the great things about GSPs is that people are exposed to them without having to search for anything, much like Facebook ads. By using the extensive targeting options you can narrow down who sees your ads to those who you think will be most likely to engage with your business.
You can be very reactive with GSPs, running multiple ads targeting different offers based on certain keywords. If you do this effectively you can target the right ad at just the right time in the buying process.
This is just an overview of GSPs, there’s a huge amount you can do with them. If you want to learn more or you’re interested in running a GSP campaign get in touch with our marketing team on 0800 222 9300.

Written by Shannon May