Paid Media Roundup: Google Ads

Monday, February 6, 2023

Here are a couple of small updates we have seen recently across Google Ads.

1. Google Ads Shortcuts

We love a nice shortcut to make tasks quicker in Google Ads, and we’ve recently spotted that campaigns now have a little cog next to them, which opens up campaign-level settings when clicked.

Not a huge change, but when our paid team are on the platform daily, little changes like this make a difference.

2. Google Ads Account Level Negatives

Account level negatives are now available to advertisers according to Google’s Ad Liaison Ginny Marvin:

This makes keyword management much more efficient and allows brands to exclude any terms that they don’t want to appear for – great for brand safety and reduces the risk of human error as there’s no need to duplicate account wide KW lists to each campaign.