Google AdWords Customer Match

Customer Match is a new targeting option in Google Adwords, that much like Facebook or Twitter, allows you to target users based on their email address. It’s similar to remarketing lists for search ads, the reach in terms of audience volume can be smaller, but the possibilities are a lot more exciting!
It’s pretty well known now with paid search in general that the more relevant you can be to the searcher (whether that is with timing, offers, tone of voice etc), the more likely that person is to click your ad, and ultimately convert on your site. Customer Match is a powerful targeting method that allows you to do just that; be super relevant.
In short, Customer Match gives us the ability to set bids, create ad copy and include/exclude people based on consumer data and not just their behaviour when they visited your site. As well as all that, it also enables you to factor in offline interactions with your brand.
Under the audience section in AdWords select the option to create a new list and choose “Customer Emails”. Once setup you can then apply these lists to new or existing campaigns, in the form of bid modifiers or exclusive targeting.
Getting Clever.
Setting it all up is fairly simple, but the real benefit comes from using this new feature in clever ways and layering it with existing targeting in your account. How you use it will heavily depend on your business, your customers and what you want to achieve. Because we’re feeling generous we’ve given you a headstart with a couple of scenarios below:

  • Do you have a number of different audience types on your site? Perhaps both end consumers and trade customers? With Customer Match you can segment these audiences in an extremely accurate way and serve each type of audience a super relevant ad specifically tailored to their needs. For bonus points; break this down even further and serve ad’s based on individual trades (i.e electrician, plumber, joiner).
  • Excluding existing customers: If for example someone has already booked their main holiday with you this year, then it probably makes sense not to continue to serve them ads for similar types of holidays anymore. Equally, if they booked offline you wouldn’t want to serve them ads that are of no use to them. Previously there was no way to factor in offline sales, however, now you can with Customer Match.
  • Similar audiences: This feature is too good not to mention! In short, Google will scan through your uploaded list of emails and using something that can only be described as wizardry, they create another list of users with similar characteristics to that of your uploaded list. This potentially doubles the reach of Customer Match!

The possibilities really are huge with this new targeting option. Instead of compiling a giant list of methods that might not be applicable to you, we would like to invite you get in touch with our team who can talk through in more detail how we can help take your PPC to the next level.
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Written by Rich Martin

Head of PPC

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