Google AdWords Introduce 'Customer Match'

Google recently launched a new product to assist businesses with targeting their higher value customers through Google AdWords.
This new product is called ‘Customer Match’, and in simple terms, it’s a new targeting method for use with search, Gmail and YouTube ads. Advertisers using these platforms can now upload a list of email addresses into AdWords, which can then be matched with signed-in Google users. These users can then be targeted with relevant adverts or excluded from receiving them.
It’s possible to re-engage existing customers or reach new ones with ‘Customer Match’, which can be done through automatically-generated similar audiences lists (YouTube and Gmail), which targets people who resemble your existing customers.
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‘Customer Match’ is available globally across all devices and on the following platforms: search, display (Gmail and YouTube) and video (YouTube). Some of the benefits for businesses include:

  • Generating awareness with customers that may be interested in your company/product/service
  • Influencing existing customers with tailored/personalised messaging
  • Increasing loyalty through utilising your existing CRM data

Read more over on Google’s blog.
Image Sources: Google

Written by Shannon May