Google says 'HTTPS' is now a Ranking Factor

Initially announced at Google I/O a few months ago when they called for ‘HTTPS everywhere’, the search engine giant has now made an open statement that this will definitely be the focus of algorithm updates in the coming months.
They have apparently already tested highlighting pages that have the extra encryption, to positive results, which has encouraged them to pursue this further.
Google has always been very open about their emphasis on security and making not only Google software safe, but the Internet as a wider spectrum.
What is site encryption?
The techy explanation is that it is the process of layering Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) data on to the SSL/TLS protocol, making it more secure and encrypted, meaning that it cannot be easily deciphered by those with unauthorised access (e.g. hackers).
In short, it means not only is your website safe from ‘middle-man attacks’, but it also provides a layer of security for those visiting the pages.
How soon will this roll out?
It has already started, but only on a very light level and will not fully come in to play for a while, as they want to “give webmasters enough time to get their sites encrypted”. But we do recommend having a conversation with your hosting company sooner rather than later, to ensure that your site doesn’t eventually get the cold shoulder from the Powers That Be.
Read more about it on Google’s blog, or see the original article here.

Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager