Google Announces Release of 'Google Publisher' plugin In Beta

Google Webmaster Tools LogoFor the time-being it’s in beta but it promises to be a useful addition to any sites built in WordPress that want a simpler way to work with Google products on the platform. For now, Google are fine-tuning the plugin before releasing the full version, but currently it supports two of Google’s products; Adsense and Webmaster Tools.
The new plugin should make it easier to run and modify Adsense through the backend of your WordPress CMS, without having to manually amend any HTML. The Webmaster Tools functionality allows webmasters to view a multitude of data about a site’s visibility in Google’s search-engines. The benefit that this plug-in brings is the ability to verify Google Webmaster Tools with a single click of a button.
We await announcements of further functionality and the roll-out of the full version of this plugin.
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search