Google Chrome | Upgrade Flash Ads to HTML5

The purpose of this change is to increase page-load speed and reduce power consumption by pausing certain plugin content, which includes many Flash ads. By September 2015, this new setting will be enabled by default to allow Chrome users to enjoy faster performance and view more content before charging their devices’ batteries.
What will be affected?
Most standard sized Flash creatives on Chrome will be affected, which will bring it inline with similar browsers that already have this feature such as Safari.
How this change affects your Google ads?
This change means AdWords will stop serving Flash ads on Chrome starting on September 1st. Non Google-hosted Flash Ads will continue to serve on Chrome, but click-through-rates will be reduced as users will need to click once to watch your ad, and then click again to interact with it.
We recommend that you transition your ads to HTML5 instead of Flash before September to stop your ads being negatively impacted. Using HTML5 will ensure maximum performance and allow your creatives to work across browsers and device types on the Google Display Network.
We urge you to check your ads, just to ensure you will not be affected by this change.
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Written by Shannon May