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Google Gallery Ads: Serving image-based ads to high intent audiences

September 2, 2019 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Shannon May

First introduced in May, Gallery Ads are one of Google’s latest ad beta’s. They’re currently available in a number of accounts that have the following languages; English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Polish.

We’ve recently been implementing them into a number of our clients’ accounts to test them and discover what results they can generate. We’ll keep you posted with our findings!

In simple terms, gallery ads are image-based search ads and are therefore served in Google’s search results, alongside general text ads. At present, they’re only eligible to appear in the top spot on mobile, so if you win the auction for your selected keyword, Google may select your gallery ad to appear.

They’re mainly intended for businesses that rely on visuals to convey their message and help sell their product or service i.e business like wedding venues, restaurants, hotels, travel agents, clothing retailers etc. 

Advertisers can have up to 8 images per ad (4 minimum), with a unique caption for each. You can use the ad format for lifestyle and storytelling, introducing a new product, sales and promotions & lots more.

Advertisers pay per click, or when more than 3 images are swiped in the ad. Like display, if a user just sees the ad but doesn’t click, no payment is made, effectively a bit of free brand awareness.

Why are we excited about gallery ads? Because research shows that users respond better to visuals than written text. 80% of people remember what they see over what they read. Generally, we’re used to display ads for visuals, where it’s more difficult to target high intent audiences, so gallery ads allow us to serve image-based ads to a high intent audience. Win-Win! 

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At the moment, this is still a beta, so there’s definitely things Google can do to improve the ad format over time. Approval time for ads is quite slow at present, and images all go to one URL rather than being able to serve separate URL’s (like in a Facebook carousel ad as an example). However, as we’re well aware, Google is always testing new things, so we may see more additions to gallery ads in the future. 

Interested in making sure your Google Ads account adopts the latest beta’s?

Find out more about our Paid Search service here at Clicky.

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