Google Marketing Live 2024 : An AI & Creativity Showcase

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

AI was the big focus again this year at Google Marketing Live 2024 with a load of new creative tools to help brands more quickly and easily showcase their products in their ad campaigns.


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Head of Paid Media

Our Paid Media team Clicky™ are busy digesting the latest updates from Google Marketing Live 2024. Here are the big AI/Creative takeaways...

1. PMax upgrade allows mass AI creative asset production

You can now rapidly produce high-quality creative assets at scale for Performance Max campaigns. Utilizing Generative AI, you can accelerate ad creation, customise ads to your brand, engage in advanced image editing, and automatically display product feeds in AI-generated creatives.

2. New immersive, AI-powered Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads advertisers now have access to video and virtual ad types. Retailers can incorporate short-form product videos into their ads, offer virtual try-ons to demonstrate how tops fit various body types, and display 3D product spins. These features enable consumers to interact with your creative content and products virtually before they visit your page.

3. Google visual storytelling advances for YouTube, Discover, Gmail 

You can now engage your potential customers using vertical videos, stickers, and animated image ads generated automatically. These video ad formats are accessible to an audience of 3 billion users on platforms like YouTube, Discover, and Gmail through Demand Generation campaigns.

4. Google starts testing ads in AI overviews

Your relevant Search and Shopping ads will automatically appear in "sponsored" sections of AI-generated overview boxes on the SERP. There's no action required from you—existing Search, PMax, and Shopping campaigns will automatically qualify. Currently, there is no information available on how to opt out of this feature.

5. New brand profiles, AI branding tools

New tools have been introduced to enhance the presentation of your brands and the creation of visual content. You can now establish a brand profile to showcase essential merchant information on Search, complete with brand imagery, videos, customer reviews, deals, and more.

Additionally, the Product Studio has been updated to include brand alignment features, allowing you to use uploaded images as inspiration for your AI-generated ads and to create videos from just a single product photo.