Google roll out visual sitelinks tests in the UK

Google are experimenting with a new way to add images into your AdWords ads – visual sitelinks.
There is a range of different extensions that can be added to ads run through Google AdWords to better tailor them to specific campaign objectives. One of the major ones is sitelinks, which allows users to add multiple links to a single add, to better direct them to the right page on your site. Google’s latest trial has seen users able to add images to sitelinks, for a more aesthetically appealing ad.
Images are added to sitelinks in a swipeable carousel, not dissimilar to the image carousels used for Facebook page posts. So far, the extension is only shown on mobile SERPs, and there’s no evidence to indicate that desktop browsers will be included.
Facebook image carousel - similar to Google visual sitelinks extensions
Google AdWords guidelines specify that the performance of the visual sitelinks extension will be heavily dependent on the quality and relevance of the images used, so choosing images wisely will be key.
Images should be of professional quality, without text or logo overlays, and with a natural look – excessive white space or catalogue-style photography will not be approved. It’s also important to have images that are highly relevant to your keywords and ad copy.
Businesses who wish to participate in the visual sitelinks experiment will need to be approved by Google to gain access to the tools. If you think visual sitelinks could be right for your business, speak to your Clicky account manager to find out more and apply.

Written by Rich Martin

PPC Manager

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