Google Squared | An Overview

As we explained previously, Squared Online is an advanced level certificate that has been developed with Google, endorsed by the IPA and IAB and accredited by CPD.
The course consists of five modules with a mixture of live classes, individual challenges and group projects, and runs from February 2nd all the way through to May 14th. Each module focuses on teaching different aspects of digital marketing and leadership streams (below is an overview of what’ll be taught during each module):

  • Module 1: Customer journey and disruptive leadership style
  • Module 2: Business planning for social and mobile, and leading an agile organisation
  • Module 3: Using data and analytics to improve business presence, and selecting the best behaviours to create a successful online working environment
  • Module 4: Thinking like a brand, and engaging others
  • Module 5: Future digital trends and being a change agent

Google will provide a bank of resources for Belinda and Rich to use during the course, and not only will their digital marketing knowledge improve afterwards but they will also have learnt some leadership skills they can apply within their job roles.
We’ll be sharing what Belinda and Rich have learnt after each module, so keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic digital insights.
Belinda & Rich

Written by Shannon May