Google Squared | Module One

Myself and Rich are well underway in our Google Squared course, and have just finished the first module.
Module 1 was all about thinking disruptively, with guest lecturer, James Elias who is the Marketing Director for Google UK. James discussed that if businesses are already noticing disrupters in their field, then they are too late to take action. It’s vital for businesses to be ahead of the trends, and continually adapt their offerings to ensure that they don’t become disrupted.
A fantastic example of a disrupted industry was given, which was the video rental industry. Blockbusters was a huge success until postal videos became a huge hit because of the convenience it offered to customers. Since then, video services have only continued to improve and adapt to the needs and wants of consumers, with the industry now commonly known as online streaming. Netflix knocked Blockbuster off their perch as they allowed customers to enjoy a range of films and tv series from the comfort of their home using any device. Back when Netflix were a video posting service though, their founder offered Blockbuster the chance to buy his company but was passed up because it was seen as too niche. Now worth several billion, Netflix is thriving and Blockbuster are kicking themselves!
We learnt that it’s important to delight users by creating interactive, immersive and social experiences for users, as well as ensuring things are built with web in mind. Customers still want connections and experiences, but how they receive them is becoming very different, for instance through wearable tech and improvements in accessibility. In order to offer these improved experiences, brands must take risks and be bold, otherwise they lose out.
The second topic that was discussed in this first module was the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), which is part of the customer journey. 88% of consumers begin searching before they buy online and the Zero Moment of Truth is the exact moment a person starts searching when they have a need or question that requires an answer. ZMOT has changed since Google first wrote about the subject in 2011, and will continue to do so as consumer behaviours evolve.
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We have now been placed into groups to begin work for our second module which will consist of business planning for social and mobile, and leading an agile organisation. Watch this space for an overview of module two next month!
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Written by Abby Gibbs

Head of Client Services