Google Stamp

For a little while there have been distant, exciting murmurs of anticipation for the emergence of a new player set to shake up the tech scene, and as excitement grows ahead of its launch, we thought we’d bring you a roundup of what (we think) we currently know.
According to sources, Google is developing Stamp; a mobile optimised, customer-centric technology platform, synonymous with Snapchat’s “Discover”, that will offer an innovative method of brand communication and visual storytelling.
Google Stamp is set to be an inherently collaborative form of advertising, encouraging a powerful connection between publishers and consumers by facilitating the generation of fast-loading, targeted, visual-oriented media content, featuring controlled advertisements presented by Google. By retaining this element of authority, Google will be able to ensure content remains contextual and continually appealing to users who will be able to closely engage by swiping and consuming at their leisure.

Stamp articles are predicted to become an extension of, and fully integrated with, Google’s renowned search engine feature – elevating digestible news and ads right to the forefront of the customer journey.

This prominence will ensure ads appear in much more relevant contexts, and therefore interfere less with the user experience. Better still, Stamp will encourage publishers to think more creatively about their own stories, suggesting relevant products and therefore influencing purchases before the consumer has even fully decided what to search for.
For now, though, the specific detail around Google Stamp remains largely speculative; we don’t yet know how Stamp results will be triggered or ranked, just how integrated the feature will be within Google’s search engine, or how Google will differentiate their platform from the incredibly popular Snapchat “Discover”.
We’re certainly intrigued here at Clicky and look forward to the big reveal over the coming weeks!

Written by Olivia Lowden

Brand & Office Manager