Google Summer Search Trend Statistics 2015

Some interesting trends have appeared, and some more unexpected than others. We’ve chosen our top 8 Google searches:

  • 58% of flight purchases were made directly on the airline website, with only 18% made on comparison websites – this surprised us slightly, as consumers are more thrifty than they used to be
  • The USA was the most searched for country abroad, followed by France and then Italy.
  • places

  • The Most searched for city within the UK was unsurprisingly, the capital: London.
  • Polarised sun glasses had the largest YOY growth with +45%, followed by aviators with +26%.
  • sungalsses

  • What bikini styles were people searching for? Google can tell you that too, as tankini search queries were up 15,000% YOY.
  • Disneyland Paris was the most searched for tourist attraction.
  • tourist

  • Chester Zoo was the fifth most searched for!
  • Last year, searches for “bbq” peaked on the hottest day of the year which was the 17th July.

sources & images: ThinkwithGoogle

Written by Shannon May