Google's $50 million "Made with Code" Project

One of Google’s recent studies found that girls decide whether to pursue a computer science degree well before college and from young, they’re discouraged from entering “the boys’ world” of technology. This has caused girl developers to be in short supply. Less than one percent of high school girls in the US express interest in doing a computer science related degree – what a waste of potential talent.
So what if computer science was cooler and big players like Google made some real effort to sell the subject to young girls, before they made the big education decisions? This is where the Made with Code project comes in.

The website has a range of helpful materials including mentors, events (in the US currently) and inspiring roles that a career in computer science may lead to.
We are all for it here at Clicky Media – we just don’t interview many women at all for web development roles and hope this project extends to the UK soon so we can see more female coders!

Written by Oli Yeates


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