Google’s greatest competitor is not who you may think….

We’ve published quite a few articles over the years on search engine statistics, comparing Google alongside Yahoo and Bing, what we (and many others) perceived as being Google’s largest competitors. And even these two couldn’t come close to the search engine giants. However, recent articles across the web, along with Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chairman, have indicated that we’re looking in all the wrong places; it’s Amazon.
Amazon, we hear you cry! Yes, we were pretty taken aback when we first heard too. But think about it; think about the way in which you search. When you want to KNOW something, you Google it. When you want to BUY something, or learn about a product, you Amazon it (yeah, we know, that doesn’t really work).
So in some ways, or many ways, Amazon is as much of a search engine as Google or Bing or Yahoo. The differences we’ve found are that Google is the source for customers and shoppers. It’s somewhere to find out which product you need. For example, you want to clean your gutters out, so you search ‘how to clean gutters out’ and then Google bombards you with a plethora of options on how to clean your gutters, including advertising for gutter cleaning companies and Google product listing ads.
However, once you find out which tool you need to do the job, you then move on to Amazon, to find the cheapest / best quality / most popular brand of gutter cleaning equipment. Amazon is a destination with retailers all in one place, exactly like a comparison website.
How are Google combating this though? They’re not ones to simply sit back and let Amazon continue to be their biggest competitor. They released Google Express as a pilot scheme in San Francisco, a similar service to Amazon Prime, but with (what it seems at the moment) a lot more perks and benefits. Are Google protecting themselves with this smart business move? Do they really need to fear Amazon as a search competitor?
If you’re fearful of your competitors (although we hope it’s just healthy competition, of course), then why not contact a member of our advertising team today to see how you can appear more prominently on Google. You can also speak to our SEO team, who’ll be more than happy to talk you through the mysterious ways of the search engines.

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search