Google's Year in Search 2015

Google’s annual Year in Search has now been released for 2015! We love this feature, and the effort Google put in to creating visually appealing and interesting content that we could spend hours reading through and watching (if we didn’t have work to do!).
In 2015 mobile searches surpassed desktop searches‘, and this is due to users searching on the go through micro moments rather than in marathons on their desktops. Users are now asking questions, and wanting to know information immediately, with how-to-do or where-to-buy search terms becoming increasing frequent.
So, what was the UK searching for in 2015? A whole range of things it would appear from Star Wars (155M+ searches) and Adele (439M+ searches) to the tragic Paris attacks (897M+ searches) and ‘The Dress’ (73M+ searches). Google really can tell you everything and have also broken the top searches into categories that include the most searched for films, hits and female celebrities.
Google Trends 2015
Take a look at more of top searches in the UK by visiting Google’s website here.

Written by Shannon May