Halloween on Pinterest

Halloween is a fantastic holiday for Pinterest, with a huge number of ingenious ‘Do It Yourself’ costumes and inventive recipes appearing across the social media site. I’ve added just a few of my favourite Pins for the spooky holiday below:
Frightening Decorations
Glow in the Dark Ghostly Figures
Spooky Glowing Eyes
Don’t forget the Scary Silouettes
Halloween Silhouettes
Inventive Costumes
The Cereal Killer (Perfect for those who love a good pun)
A fun and easy Jet Pack (A great costume for the kids)
Sheldon and Amy (For The Big Bang Theory fans)
And a Special Bonus for Neil Patrick Harris Fans (An adorable Family costume set)
Delicious (We Hope!) Recipes
Graveyard Taco Dip
Red Bloody Velvet Cupcakes
Glow in the Dark Apple Cider Cocktail
Taco Dip
Fun Pumpkin Ideas
Why not try the Hungry Pumpkin?
Add a little flair to the Classic
Or do something really inventive like this Skull and Pumpkin
Skull Pumpkin
So get creative and have fun!

Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager