Happy 10th Birthday Facebook

October 1st 2005, Facebook rolled out to 21 UK universities, the first of the UK population to get their hands on this new and exciting social platform. Less than a year later, Facebook opened up to anybody aged 13 and over with a valid email address.
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
With over 36,000,000 UK users, Facebook is now a worldwide social platform allowing businesses of any size to advertise to individuals of 13+ based on their Facebook profile interests, personal status, age and location.
Here at Clicky Media we were one of the first digital agencies to offer Facebook as a social advertising platform, allowing clients to invest in our Facebook knowledge and Facebook page development.
Today, we work with an array of businesses in several different industries to offer them a host of social profile branding, profile and content management, advertising and reporting for their personal business requirements and goals.
We would like to wish Mark Zuckerburg and all at Facebook.com a very Happy 10th Birthday! What will the next 10 years bring for Facebook.com?
Facebook Birthday Cake
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Sources: Facebook.com.

Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager