Happy 5th Birthday Instagram

With over 400m+ users, and an average of 80m+ pictures uploaded everyday, Instagram has grown year on year at a pretty rapid pace!
It’s been a busy five years for Instagram as it was named ‘iPhone app of the year’ in 2011, taken over by Facebook in April 2012, introduced adverts (sponsored posts) in 2013, and more recently made its advertising platform open to all advertisers!
Here at Clicky, we love a good browse on Insta and there’s some pretty fantastic, cute and quirky accounts that we think everyone should be following! In no particular order, here they are:
1. @tunameltsmyheart
If you haven’t seen or heard of Tuna the Chiweenie before – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? He’s probably one of the most famous dogs on the internet, and all because of his overbite! He’s guaranteed to provide a giggle, or even an ‘awww’ as you scroll through your feed with a coffee in the morning!
If Tuna floats your boats – give @marniethedog a follow as well, she won’t disappoint.
2. @doors_of_england
Whether you’re a huge door lover or not, this Instagram feed is rather charming and will definitely give you door envy!
3. @white_onrice
This man must have the patience of a saint! Ross Symons is an Origami Artist, and his Instagram feed is full of colour and intricate paper folding – not only are his origami creations fantastic, but the way they’re photographed are pretty nice too!
4. @muradosmann
There’s really only one word that can describe Murad Osmann’s feed: stunning! His photographic series titled #followmeto apparently started when his girlfriend (now his wife) had to literally drag him around by the hand when they travelled as he was too preoccupied with his camera – he decided to take a picture, and the rest is history as they say.
Read more about their lovely story here.
5. @oreo
No Top 5 list is complete without a food related account, right?! Oreo, one of the world’s most loved biscuits have a rather bright and quirky Instagram feed featuring things like recipe idea’s and illustrations. It’s making us hungry just looking at it!
There you have it, our top 5 Instagram accounts that we think you should be following (we could have filled it with the thousands of animal accounts, but we resisted and gave you some variety instead)! It really was difficult to choose just 5 and we’d love to hear your recommendations of who we should be following, tweet us: @clickymedia!
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Featured Image Source: Cherry’s Cakes

Written by Shannon May