Heather graduates from Google Squared

Here at Clicky, we’re all about training and career progression, we’ve even been shortlisted for an award in it.
So we are pleased to announce that Heather, our very own Senior Digital Account Manager here at Clicky has graduated from Google Squared! We asked her to answer a few questions about her experiences and how she found it.

How did you find your overall Google Squared experience?

Overall, I found the Google Squared experience really challenging but enjoyable at the same time. It was so interesting to work with people from different nationalities and people working in completely different industries. I learned a lot from each person I worked with and this definitely made the Google Squared experience an enjoyable one.

What did you find was the most challenging part of the course?

The most challenging part was probably working in teams virtually rather than face to face. My normal day to day life involves meeting with team members and clients and I enjoy this format, however for Google Squared I had to adapt and leave my comfort zone. Also, balancing project deadlines around my job was a challenge at times, especially during peak months.

How will the experience help you in the future as a Digital Account Manager at Clicky?

I have learned so much more about digital marketing and definitely feel more confident in discussing different elements with my clients. I am also now more than happy to jump on a hangout with a client rather than a call which I may have been a little conscious about before the course.
We’re very proud that another member has joined Rich as a Google Squared graduate, training is something that is ingrained at the very core of Clicky. Helping employees by providing them with training and career progression opportunities makes staff feel empowered and increases productivity for our clients – everyone wins!
We’ve been shortlisted for the Cheshire High Sheriff’s Awards for Enterprise in the Training category which just shows how important professional growth is to us.

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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