How to Attend PPC Conferences Like a Pro


Time management is key to my role, and I had to make sure that if I was going to be taking a day out of the office to attend, that it was going to be worthwhile, not just for me, but for Clicky as a whole. So, here is my short guide on getting the most from events such as Biddable World.
1 – Apply What You Learnt
Attending one of these industry events can provide a massive boost in both knowledge and enthusiasm, meaning you leave the conference promising yourself that you will do all you can to help apply all of these great new techniques to your clients and give them the full benefit of that new product you’ve just been introduced to. But come the following morning, you’re quickly thrown back in at the deep end with new client builds and meetings scheduled on your behalf. Don’t let this stop you. Stay focused, stay true to the plans that you were putting together on the train home and talk to your clients as soon as possible about how you are going to improve their account as a result of what you now know.
2 – Share Information
There is so much to be gained from an event such as this. Okay, so there are keynote speeches and numerous other talks and workshops occurring throughout the day, but there are hundreds of other like-minded individuals there and it is inevitable that you will be discussing new products and trends with a large number of them throughout the day. Coming away with a head full of knowledge is one thing, but you need to share this with your team when you return. This way, the benefit is passed on not just to your colleagues, but to their clients as well.
3 – Don’t Stop There
Don’t become complacent just because you’ve learned a few new buzz words or that an ad extension is coming out of beta soon, use these events as a springboard to share knowledge with your new found contemporaries (and as motivation to stay better than them). Use it as an additional channel of reading material, of product insight or as I did, to grow your audience.
Remember, here at Clicky we offer full management services for a range of paid search products. If you are interested in any of our services, the team and I would love to hear from you, so why not e-mail me, or contact us here to find out more.

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search