How To Find Guest Posting Opportunities

Google Results
As guest posting has proven to be such a useful approach to help build a quality link profile, it’s important for us SEO folk to understand how to get the best out of it to make the whole process as effective as possible.
The first stage can be the trickiest: identifying opportunities. It’s all well and good being able to assess the quality of a guest posting opportunity, but finding one in the first place can be half the battle. Here’s a quick guide to a few of the useful tools you can use to find the best guest-posting prospects quicker.
Google Search
Seems a bit obvious I know, but if done the right way a Google search can narrow down results to those that are not only within your niche (remember relevance is key), but are more likely to be interested in your post. Try using speech marks with the terms “write for us” or “guest post” after your niche topic to identify opportunities that either a) are looking for people to write for their site/blog, or b) have had guest posts on their site/blog in the past. This can save you a lot of time and effort trawling through endless results that may already be dead ends.
Google Search Field
My Blog Guest
This is a website dedicated to helping bloggers find sites to guest post on, and site owners to find bloggers to provide great content for them. It’s set up perfectly for your guest post hunt, and being able to sift through requests by category allows you to narrow down your search easily. Here you’ll quickly find a whole bunch of sites relevant to your niche that are actively looking for guest posts.
Blogger LinkUp
A similar concept to My Blog Guest, Blogger LinkUp is an email subscription service that sends out emails (around 3 a week) containing a list of sites that are looking for guest posts, as well as bloggers looking for sites to write for. Separated by general topics, each site provides a short brief of what sort of posts they’re looking for, which is great for helping you decide whether the opportunity is right for you and your site. What’s more, you’re also given the contact details of each opportunity, which is always handy.
Blogger Link Up Homepage
Open Site Explorer/Fresh Web Explorer
These two tools from Moz are fantastic for analysing the link profiles of either your site or those of competitors. By taking a sneak peak at the links similar sites to yours have been creating (possibly through guest posting), as well as any mentions of these brands, you may unearth a few valuable opportunities to take advantage of. If a similar site to yours had a guest post published somewhere, who’s to say you can’t too?
Opensite Explorer
Twitter Tool
This is a really effective tool for finding opportunities in specialist niches. Developed by Ethan Lyon using Google docs, the catchily titled ‘Guest-Post via twitter App’ searches for any tweets that include a link to a guest post based on a given search term. It’s easy to use, brings up multiple results in a handy list format and can turn up some less obvious opportunities that could easily be missed using other methods
Guest Post via Twitter app
Topsy is great addition to the Twitter tool for scouring the social web to find opportunities. Searching for the term “guest post” followed by your niche will show a load of results for mentions of guest posts in this area from both Twitter and Google+. You can also narrow down your search to show the most recent results, which is great for locating the freshest (and hopefully most active) opportunities. Whilst not as direct as some other methods, it’s still a useful tool to use and adds another dimension to your search.
Topsy Homepage
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search