Introducing HTML5 Ads

Worried your ads aren’t having enough of an impact? HTML5 is the answer.
Static display ads are now a thing of the distant past. The future is here with HTML5 ads.
Fantastic platforms such as Google Web Designer have allowed designers to make beautiful and technical ads that animate perfectly to display a timed and engaging advertisement that has a proven increased level of interaction.
HTML5 ads, according to a study by Adform, are responsible for a 267% increase in click through rates in comparison to static ads. Due to the psychology of movement being next to impossible to ignore; we are naturally drawn to the movement achieved with HTML5 ads.
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New Features of HTML5

“HTML5 ads” is a digital advertising term used for ads that feature video, audio, animation or other elements that encourage user engagement – otherwise known as rich media.
Some of the features HTML5 provides (excluding video, audio and animation) are galleries which can rotate on a timer or allow a user to interact with and scroll. Galleries are perfect for displaying products or perhaps holiday destinations. Other features such as Google maps, Street View, calendars and form fields are available to integrate within these ads, which is advantageous when encouraging people to visit businesses or events.
The creative potential of display ads has never been so high.
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Maximum Reach

HTML5 provides a new way to display animation and video. Traditionally this required plugins, which limited what devices and browsers the ads could be displayed in. A single HTML5 ad can display on most desktops, next to all browsers and on smartphones and tablets. This is particularly important when you consider that users spend up to 30% longer engaging with mobile ads.
As individual audience members respond better to different media styles, the many features of HTML ads mean you can effectively communicate to your audience in the format they prefer, maximising user reach and potential engagement.
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Increase brand awareness

Due to the sheer amount of static ads on the web, users have become blind to them. HTML5 ads with their flashy features and design potential are increasingly being noticed by users without being obtrusive. Even without the ad being clicked, users are subconsciously taking in the information and brand recognition is increasing, which is later resulting in conversion.

More Data

HTML5 ads allow marketers to track so much more than static banners. They make it possible to track, impressions, click-through-rate, engagement, duration, video plays, and much more, so you’ve got a full view of your advertising campaign.
At Clicky, we can create a diverse range of HTML 5 ads to suit your campaign objectives, as well as managing your advertising campaign to get the best results. To get started with HTML 5 ads, get in touch with a member of our team now.
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Written by Rhian Williams