Instagram Business Tools Coming Soon

Instagram announced (although there were leaks last week) yesterday that they are making improvements to their advertising platform.
Instagram are introducing business profiles, insights and the ability to promote posts to their platform.
They say that after interviewing hundreds of businesses, the key needs were very clear. Businesses wanted to stand out, gain insights and find new customers.

Business Profiles

Business profiles will be a free feature, allowing accounts that want to be recognised as a buisness to do just that (similar to Facebook business pages). There will be a contact button with a CTA such as call, text or email, and also get directions.
Access to insights will also be available through business profiles, as well as the ability to promote the account.


Instagram insights, much like those available through other ad/social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, will give businesses information regarding their followers and which posts are performing best! Best thing about this – it will all be available from the mobile app!
Insights will give businesses the opportunity to create better content as they will understand what their followers are engaging with best.


Just like you see sponsored posts in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Instagram will be allowing business profiles to promote posts that are performing well to further their reach. It will be possible to select a target audience, or Instagram can suggest audiences for you, and the post can be promoted for as long as you choose (just like an ad).

When will they be rolling these great new features in the UK?

By the end of the year, we should receive business profiles, insights and promoted posts. First their being rolled out in the US, Australia and New Zealand.
Exciting stuff being seen by Instagram – we look forward to the new features arriving!
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Written by Shannon May