Introducing the YouTube 'One Channel'

Introducing YouTube ‘One Channel’, the one platform where your branding works across all devices and allows you to engage with the 1 billion unique users that visit YouTube each month.
Yputube one channel
The new ‘one’ design gives you the one opportunity to engage with both new and current subscribers in unique ways. Your channel is one-of-a-kind, organised to present your playlists and videos in any style or order and customize your channel messaging that only fits your brand style.
Engage with non-subscribers by showcasing your most influencing videos and messaging that only appears to them, making it your one chance to encourage users to subscribe and find out more about your channel.

Channel subscribers will be delighted with the uniqueness of your new one channel, allowing them to engage more effectively with the videos and playlists that can be separated into highly visible sections to best highlight your unique content.
With 25% of global YouTube views coming from a mobile device, it was only a matter of time before YouTube bought each of the platforms together. All channels will now work effectively across desktop, mobile, tablet, TV’s or anywhere with pixels, allowing for users to watch and engage with your channel effectively, wherever they are on whichever size screen they are using.
The YouTube ‘One Channel’ is now live. All channels will have automatically been upgraded to the new ‘One Channel’.
Here at Clicky Media, we offer a great range of YouTube services that includes the re-design of YouTube channels to fit the new ‘One Channel’ design, plus, YouTube channel branding, management and advertising. We also specialise in promoting brands through the social media networks and across the web.
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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager