Introduction To New Google Enhanced Campaigns

The way we search is changing. We search at home, in work, on the go, whilst drinking coffee and even whilst shopping. We search on a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. In a world that is constantly connected, results that are relevant and in the correct context matter.
Google Adwords Enhanced campaigns aim to make the search results that users receive more relevant, no matter what device they are using, where they are or the time of day they are searching. Meaning search results are relevant to the context of the users intent, making it easier to reach people when it matters.

Why have Google made these changes?

Google want users to find the most relevant information possible, no matter where the user is or the device they are using.
Users search in places where historically they were unable to, but with the advent of mobile technology they can search anywhere and expect results that are still contextually relevant.
For example, Amy could be walking her dog in the park while searching on her mobile for a local restaurant for that night and expect to see results displaying local restaurants, opening times and phone numbers. Whilst on another evening, she could be sitting at home on her tablet searching for a local take-out with a view to placing an order there and then, on her tablet.
With the ability to target different adverts at different times of day, on separate devices, search results are a lot more relevant.
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What does this mean for advertisers?

The major change is that there will no longer be separate mobile, desktop and tablet campaigns. Instead, Google have combined these into one campaign. Creating a single campaign, focused on the customers intent, that can be optimised to location, device and time of search.
Campaigns can be more reactive to the users needs and wants, making the adverts more relevant and increasing the likelihood of a conversion.
Bids can now be adjusted based on the user’s location, device and time of search, reaching users in a very flexible way, engaging with users at the point of decision when they make a search.

Multi Device Marketing

From a single campaign, advertisers will now have the ability to reach users no matter what device they are using. Advertisers will now have the control to set multiple bid adjustments to what ever is most important to them, such as increasing bids during opening times or decreasing bids on certain devices.

Context relevant search results

Enhanced campaigns display the right advert and ad extension to the right person at the right time in the right location.
For example, if the advertiser has a shop in the high street open until 5pm they can show mobile users adverts that contain location extensions and directions up until 5pm. During closing hours different adverts can be displayed to take users to their online shop.

New reporting for new conversion types

A mobile world means customers have more ways to interact with a company than ever before. Enhanced campaigns will allow the advertiser to track in detail, customers that convert through a website, purchase, over the phone and even via app download.

Future of Enhanced campaigns

There’s no doubt that Enhanced campaigns are only touching the surface of what is possible with context and multi-device-based targeting. Over the coming months and even years, the mobile and web world are sure to become more integrated, with enhanced campaigns playing a large part in engaging with these users successfully.


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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search