Is Your Website Mobile Friendly Yet?

All the way back in April 2015 we shared the news that Google were rolling our a ‘mobile-friendly’ update, which essentially meant that websites that were developed for mobile or responsively would be more likely to rank higher in search results.
The update was dubbed ‘#mobilegeddon‘ and was seen as a big update that shouldn’t have be overlooked. The same is still said today, as mobile-friendliness continues to be a ranking factor. Figures for mobile usage continue to rise, as 61% of people use their smartphones to research or purchase products, and 59% of users also research or purchase using a browser vs. 47% who use a mobile app (and that’s just in the retail sector!). These figures alone show the importance of ensuring your website is accessible on mobile devices, and not just accessible but user friendly.

There’s nothing more frustrating that attempting to use a site that hasn’t been designed with mobile in mind, thumb friendly movements, larger text and minimal but relevant information is all key for mobile friendly websites.

In March this year, Google announced that they were continuing to increase the effect of the mobile friendly ranking signal in order to ‘help users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly’. If you’re website is already mobile friendly, this new ‘mini-update’ wouldn’t have affected you, however, if you’re website still isn’t compatible with mobiles then it’s very likely that you’re taking a hit in Google’s search results.
Although not currently a ranking factor, mobile page speed will be added to the list in the next mobile friendly update Google fires our way. If you were still in doubt about how serious all this mobile malarkey really is, this announcement only confirms that Google are serious and will continue to improve and adapt their ranking factors in favour of mobile.
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We have a fantastic team of web developers and designers who have a wealth of experience in designing and building beautiful, functional and above all responsive websites for a range of clients across various industries. All of the websites we build are designed for mobile first and desktop second, simply because we are now a mobile first society. We also have an excellent team of SEO experts in-house who have manage and optimise natural search campaigns for a number of small brochure style websites, all the way up to large ecommerce websites that have 1,000’s of listed products.
Check here to see if your site is mobile friendly.
If you haven’t made your website mobile friendly yet, then speak to a member of our friendly team today on 0800 222 9300 who will be happy to discuss exactly how we can help.

Written by Shannon May