Joby's Monthly Vimeo Picks / August

Last month I chose my top 5 Vimeo Staff Picks for July, and now August has quickly slipped passed us, I thought it was time to share my top 5 picks again for this month.
Birdy x Rhodes – Let it all go
I’m cheating a bit by adding this one, because I’d made my mind up before I pressed play- I already knew and loved the song.
Thankfully my decision was vindicated, because it’s a beautifully stylised and moody video. It’s a pretty simple editing technique to turn everything green to red, but it’s been done really well here and the result is pretty convincing. Also love the less realistic but very cool looking skies.
This one was made by the rather giant Partizan – @wearepartizan

An Improbable Weapon Supercut
This is a bit of fun- a three minute montage of improbable weapons throughout film history, from Jason Statham punching someone with melons in Transporter II to Nick Frost killing zombies with a vinyl record in Shaun of the Dead.
Brought to you by @BurgerFiction, who upload new videos a lot like this one every day.

Halloween Meets Gasoline
An inside look at an American racing subculture, putting cars destined for the scrapyard through their paces on a 24 hour endurance race. Featuring some thoroughly wacky car design, and a tractor engine in a Porsche 911 Turbo.
Directed, shot and edited by a guy called Marcus Ubungen, who’s Instagram @yourpalmarcus.

Garbielle Aplin – Sweet Nothing
I’m a sucker for anything shot in one long take, and this is no exception. It’s awesomely uncomplicated with a couple of unexpected turns which, when you combine it with Gabrielle Aplin’s cheeky expressions and amazingly confident manner, makes for a really watchable music video. If I’m totally honest with myself though, I’m just a big fan of a sequinned unitard.
Made by the Salford based production company Chief, follow them @ChiefTV.

Eating Out – That’s My Man
Hey guess what- it’s another video featuring long uncut shots and themes of gritty Americana! You may be starting to see a theme emerging…
I love the first scene in this, both for its aesthetic appeal and because it would probably have been pretty tricky to pull off. The rest of the video is almost a tribute to 90s American grunge- spot the Soundgarden t-shirt for a bonus point!
Directed by Cody Fennell who has a couple of other nice videos on his Vimeo channel. He’s also on that there Twitter, @CodyFennell.

Written by Rhian Williams