Joby's Monthly Vimeo Picks / July

Vimeo is a video hosting platform, aimed at people who want to show creative work in its best light. The team at Vimeo collate their favourite videos into a collection called Staff Picks- if your video gets picked you even get some some laurels put next to your video in the listings.
I decided that probably wasn’t prestigious enough, so I’m bringing you Joby’s Picks – my five favourite Vimeo Staff Picks every month.
Loving Lanka
Caution: you will feel terrible about your holiday videos after watching this. This arty travel film by a filmmaker from Germany documents a trip around Sri Lanka
A mix of stunning footage and some ludicrously clever editing, this is one of the most watchable videos I’ve seen in years.

Otherwise Engaged
This is the first film from London based Alicia MacDonald, who otherwise works in various production roles in TV and film. She’s also rather witty – follow her on Twitter @AliciaMacDonald.
Otherwise Engaged is a really well made little comedy short, and a well observed comment on how we respond to experiences these days.

This is an odd one and only popped up a couple of days ago. It’s more of an audio/visual adventure rather than a video as such, but it’s totally absorbing. There’s a part of me that is worried that it’s hypnotising people – one day we’ll all hear the code word and empty our bank accounts into that of the film’s producer, Aaron Paradox.
In all seriousness this is visually impressive, the sound design is amazing and the Alan Watts voiceover is, for want of a less serious word, profound. Check it out.

Fred Astaire with a stomach full of corn chips and Vallium
Ok. This one’s a bit left field. Modern dance. Bear with me.
It’s super stylish. The classic Americana feel, the long uncut shots, the choreography, the cinematic colour grade, the music. It seems to all fit together into something really captivating. It was made by a chap called Phillip from LA. Keep up to date with Phillip on Twitter @el_mustachios

Another dance based one, but this one has a bit more narrative and feels more like a proper music video. More extended single-shot goodness and more stylish Americana, but this one has added fake blood and cheerleaders. What’s not to like?
It’s the product of a production company calling themselves Room 113, but they don’t seem to have a website yet so if you want to follow them… I don’t know… set up a Google Alert maybe?

Written by Rhian Williams